Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tutorials to love

Ahhh Tuesday, the day when many of my favorite blogs come out with link parties for lots of great tutorials. :D

There are so many thing's to learn and do and see.
For instance, I now know how I'm going to make the magnetic menu board that's been on my mind for awhile now.

And, while I'm not sure how these would fit in with our decor, perhaps a scaled down version, I am in love with Love Note Pillows. Now, if only I had some love notes to turn into pillows . . .

These Yarn Sheep are so cute, perhaps an item to add to my craft show repertoire . . .

And, have you seen all the cute pumpkins that everyone is making?
There are a lot more pumpkin tutorials out there but my internet is being persnickety right now and won't let me pull them up :/

Oh well.

LIke I said, lots of great things to add to my "someday I'm gonna make that list".

What are some tutorials you've fallen in love with recently?

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