Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A great weekend

I don't know about you but I had a great weekend!
Saturday morning I packed up E and sent him with my sister to spend the weekend with my parents:)

Ahhh . . . I could feel the craziness of life begin to melt away :D

We then proceeded to head into the city where we picked up some free movie passes my husband had earned and then ate lunch at a delicious italian buffet - sooooo good!

We didn't make the 30-45 minute drive home so we decided to kill time by . . .

Hanging out at Barders

Visiting the Hallmark Visitor's Center/Museum

Buying N's brother's birthday gift's

Hanging out at Half Price Books

Perusing the Dollar Tree

And then it was time, :)

We grabbed supper from Wendy's and then headed to the drive-in where we proceeded to watch 3 movies. Ok, N watched 3, I slept through the first one, can you blame me?


Vampire's Suck

Going the distance

Now, I wouldn't recommend any of these movies and am glad we only paid $8 a piece for all three.

But, I really like going to the drive-in. I love their cheese fries- lol- and being able to kick off my shoes and cuddle up with my husband under a blanket.

Sunday was spent eating out, cleaning, doing laundry, watching movies at home, etc...

And Monday I got my hour long full body massage that my husband promised me.

It was good.

And then E came home :)

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