Friday, April 1, 2011

Just some thoughts.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating E's 1st birthday with family at a local park. It's been chilly all week but the forecast kept promising me warmer days and it has finally warmed up today! Whew, b/c there is no way I can fit 22 people in my tiny little living room!

I lost our dogs Wednesday evening, I was putting things away, I stuck a piece of plastic that had broken off the recliner in the coat closet (you know, in case my husband want's to gorilla glue it back on) and it must have hit the garage door opener w/out me realizing it b/c when I took the trash out later that evening the garage door was wide open and the dogs were nowhere to be found.
I felt really bad about it but it was an accident so what can you do?

I'm currently working on a crazy-complicated project, recovering a kids chair for E's b-day tomorrow . . . keep your fingers crossed for me!

Alright, I need to get off my bum, switch out the laundry and get back to the chair reupholstering.

Have a wonderful Friday!