Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smoke gets in my eyes

Today I put a frozen pizza in the oven for lunch and soon after my kitchen started filling with smoke. Oh yeah, I thought, I need to clean my oven. Well, technically I just need to turn on the self cleaning feature of my oven and then sweep it out, but you get the idea.

So, after my pizza was done cooking I locked the oven door and turned the know to clean.

Not my brightest idea.

You see, if your oven is smoking while cooking a pizza at 400 degrees is going to go overboard when it starts to clean itself at 500+ degrees. About 10 minutes after "turning the clean on", I'm sitting the the living room enjoying my pizza, well actually the pizza isn't that great, and I realize my house is filling with smoke, not just a little smoke but there is literally a haze everywhere! Lucking, E is napping and the door to his room is closed so he has escaped the smoketastrophe of 2011. I, however, am having trouble seeing as my eyes are burning like crazy. So, I get up open all the windows and doors, turn on the ceiling fans, and turn off the oven.

Fifteen minutes later and there is still a little smoke left.

So now I've got a smoke filled house and a dirty oven. Crap.