Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I got out of bed for this?

Today started out fairly promising.
I was able to sleep while E took his morning nap :)
I actually had lunch around lunchtime :)

Yeah. That's about all that has gone right today.

When I woke up I had big plans to re-do a crib bumper for E. I was even going to make a tutorial out of it. How cool am I?

And then I looked at the huge pile of baby clothes by the front door and it hit me.
Today is the day to drop off baby clothes for the consignment sale.


I had meant to tag all those clothes a couple weeks earlier. Only, every time I went online to create the tags it wouldn't let me create an account to do so. Stupid Mac hating websites :(

So, at around 12:45 today I realized it was now or never. I got on E's non-Mac computer and was able to create an account. Then, I had to sort the clothes by size, toss the summer clothes back in the box to store for the spring sale, put E down for his nap, create price tags, print tags, realize I need packing tape and safety pins, load up E, run to Wal Mart (grrrr that place is NOT my friend), come home, deal with E, cut price tags, start to attach, realize I printed them on paper and they have to be printed on card stock, re-print tags, cut new tags, eat a cherry push pop for desert, raid E's closet for store hangers to hang clothes on, start attaching price tags, eat 1 snickers bar and 1 milky way, deal with E, finish attaching tags, load up stuff, load up E, drive to consignment sale location, take stuff inside, stand around, hang stuff up to be inspected, stand around, get stuff inspected, sign my life away, come home, sit down, look at cold coffee that I brewed this morning that I forgot to drink, wonder if coffee would taste ok re-heated in the microwave, decide against it, sit down, type this post.


And that is why all the way more interesting posts will have to wait for another day.

A day when all my plans don't get de-railed . . .

A day when I can take that long-awaited bath I'd been planning during E's nap time . . .

A day when I don't feel completely spent.

This sale had better be worth it.

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