Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sink Baths

I'm trying to figure out what possessed me to stop bathing E in the kitchen sink.

I think it was because when he was first born it was too hard to support him since the sink is too small for him to lay flat and get him clean at the same time.

Therefore, after just a couple of Kitchen sink baths I started bathing him on his sponge in the tub which worked when he was little but now that he's older he's always trying to flip over, he doesn't like his bath seat, and it hurts my knees to bend down :(

Enter today's stroke of genius!
I placed his 2 bath sponges in the kitchen sink, filled it wile warm water, added 1 (almost) 6 month old baby, a few toys and voila! He loves it, I love it, everyone is happy :)

Yup, I think the kitchen sink bath is making a big comeback in our house!

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