Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just another day . . .

I'd love to say that today was a huge improvement over yesterday. But that would make me a liar.
That pretty much sums up how I'm been feeling. Physically tired, mentally frustrated by situations outside my control and my own stupidity.
I am ready for next week. Not this weekend, no I've still got 1 1/2 halloween costumes to finish before Saturday night. But, come Monday I will be done with all of this obligatory sewing and I will finally be able to concentrate on my etsy shop. Good. Cause we need $$$$.

Oh, and my Mac is still down for the count :(
It probably will be for the next couple of weeks. Sigh.

All right enough fun and games, E is screaming for me, I best go tend to my suddenly very needy baby - please, God, let this stage end soon!

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