Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A day when everything goes wrong

I am exhausted.
These last few weeks have been crazy and today is no exception.
My computer cord won't work. I found E chewing on the end of it yesterday and now it refuses to work which means my laptop is dead so I'm using this old windows based dell which I hate. I miss my Mac!!!
I'm going to take it in to the mac store tomorrow to see if it does just need a new power cord. Not that I'll be buying one anytime soon. I think they run around $120 . . . ugh . . .
For as much as I love my Mac I am seriously considering trying to sell it and buy a new, cheaper. wondows based laptop on an after Thanksgiving day sale. It's only 3 years old so I'm thinkinh I should be able to get about half of what I paid for it, right?

I have an old iBook that I would rather be using (instead of this dell) but I need to run the software for the airport card and I don't have the disks and can't find any software for free online . . .ugh.

I'm trying to finish up our halloween costumes. Mine is being ridiculously difficult. The zipper keeps sticking and I don't think I bought enough fabric so I've got to get creative.

E is currently boycotting nap time by laying in bed &spitting, his newest trick. At least he's not screaming bloody murder.

This day started out so well but has managed to quickly spiral out of control . . .

I need a vacation.

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