Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm still here / win a free ipad

Yes, I'm still alive :)
Life has been crazy lately but I promise a decent update is coming soon!

In the meantime, You should all click on this link: and sign up for ebates it's super easy you just have to enter your e-mail and password. That's it. Simply, huh?
Ebates gives you cash back or gift card rewards just for buying stuff from the stores you already shop at like Target and the Childrens place.
Now, if you sign up asap and then purchase $20 worth of stuff through ebates by 10/10/10 it will help my win an ipad - which would totally may my day. :)
I need 50 people to do this, it seems a bit daunting but I have faith in you all!

Step 1 - click on link
Step 2 - sign up
Step 3 - Take your custom rewards link, write you own note, or status update, or e-mail and convince your friends to do for you what you're doing for me
Step 4 - this is the best step of them all - SHOP!

Have a marvelous day :)

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