Saturday, June 6, 2015

Never too tired

This evening, after a long day of painting the kitchen, feeding kids, picking up the house, preparing for Lily's birthday party tomorrow, running errands, and everything else that come with being a stay-at-home mom of a 4 and 5 year old, Ethan came up to me and, with a lot of attitude in his voice, asked why I hadn't fixed his bubble machine yet (he had left if out in one too many rainstorms this spring and the on/off switch had rusted).

Tired and a bit exasperated I launched into a speech about everything I had done that day and how tired I was and how I didn't have enough time to get everything done but I would look at it tomorrow.
Ethan, in all of his 5 year old wisdom, climbed up onto my lap, put his arm around my neck, smiled at me and said, "But I know one thing you always have time for mom". I sighed and turned my head to smile at him as I asked what that was. "A hug from Ethan!" he happily replied as he wrapped his arm around me. I gladly hugged he back and with a kiss on the check replied, "You're right buddy. I love you and I always have time for a hug and a kiss from you".

I am constantly reminded that time is fleeting. This fall Ethan will start Kindergarten and Lily will start preschool. I am planning to start working part time and I know that the days I think are busy now are slow and steady compared to what is to come.

 I fill my plate and try to get more done in a day than I could do in a week. I need to remember to slow down, to take time for the little things, and little people that I am so blessed to have in my life. After all, I'm never too busy for a hug.

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